Components of Appliance Pages

Your appliance repair website needs to have individual pages for each appliance you repair. The typical list of appliance types are: Refrigerator repair Washer / Washing Machine repair Dryer repair Dishwasher repair Oven / Stove / Cooktop repair Microwave repair If your appliance repair company also offers HVAC related services, you…

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8 Must-Have Pages to Include on your Appliance Repair Website

There are 8 types of web pages that you must have on your appliance repair website.  Some of these website pages will seem very obvious, yet many websites do it wrong. The general advice is to think like your customers. Ask yourself: “what is my customer looking for before contacting me?” So, follow…

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How much should I spend on Adwords and other online marketing?

I’m frequently asked by appliance repair business owners – “How much should I spend on my Google Adwords marketing?” The best way to find out is to look for your “Lifetime Value of Your Customer”. One of the most important exercises that you must do in your business is to calculate…

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Useful Links

Appliance Repair Training
  1. Master Samurai Tech – Training for appliance repair technicians.
  2. Appliantology – Appliance repair forum for asking questions.
  3. Appliance Repair Startup – information about starting up an appliance repair business
  4. Uncle Harry’s Appliance School – learn how to fix appliances and how to run an appliance repair business
  5. Penn Foster – online appliance repair diploma program
  6. United Servicers – association of service professionals. They hold yearly conferences for appliance repair pros.