8 Must-Have Pages to Include on your Appliance Repair Website

There are 8 types of web pages that you must have on your appliance repair website.  Some of these website pages will seem very obvious, yet many websites do it wrong.

The general advice is to think like your customers. Ask yourself: “what is my customer looking for before contacting me?”

So, follow the guide below to help you. And, if you setup these pages properly, they will help you turn more of your website visitors into customers.

1. Appliance pages

These are individual web pages that show which appliances you repair. You need to setup a separate page for each type of appliance, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, dryers, washers, etc.

2. Appliance Brand pages

If possible, you should create a separate page for each appliance brand that you repair. Of course, some brands are more popular then others. So, you can begin by creating dedicated pages for each major appliance brand. For example, the keywords “GE appliance repair” and “Samsung refrigerator repair” are often used on Google.

3. City pages

A separate page for each major city or area that you service. This used to be more important in the past, but it can still hep you attract the right customers. For example, if you provide appliance repair service in the Greater Toronto Area, then you should create pages for several major cities that surround Toronto, like Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, etc.

4. Service Area page

Setup one page that shows a list of all areas that you service. If possible, create a map that shows pins beside each area that you service.

5. About Us page

Statistically, the “About Us” page is the second most visited page on business websites. So, even though it might be obvious that its important to have a page “About” your company, many websites still don’t have this page. Some websites call the “About Us” page with different names, like “Company” or “Team”. I recommend that you keep it simple and name your page “About Us”.

6. Reviews page

Appliance repair is a service that your customer doesn’t plan for. It’s an unexpected need. An unexpected expense. So, naturally, there is a lot of doubt about hiring an appliance repair technician. One of the best ways to reduce this doubt is by showing reviews from your past customers. Good reviews give your company more credibility, and this helps your website visitor make a decision to contact you.

7. Coupons page

Appliance repair is typically an unexpected expense for your customers. So, your website visitors will think about “how much does it cost” while browsing your website. When you show a few coupons, it will help your website visitor to make a decision to hire you. For example, you can show a coupon for “$20 OFF  appliance parts”.

8. Contact page

The “Contact” page is very obvious to include on your website. Yet, many websites do it wrong. Some websites don’t have this page and some websites call it by a different name (like “Location”). Instead, make it easy for your website visitors to contact you by including a page called “Contact Us”. In addition, show your phone number on top and bottom of every other page on your website.

In the next several articles, you can read in more detail about the content and design of each appliance repair website page.

2 thoughts on “8 Must-Have Pages to Include on your Appliance Repair Website”

  1. I find it challenging to create pages for each city and each appliance brand. How much can I really write about each town? How much can I write about each brand?

    Well, there is all kinds of information about cities and brands, but they are not related to appliance repair.

    What are your suggestions?

    • That’s a very good question.

      It can get hard to come up with new content for each city and each brand, especially if you are doing Search Engine Optimization (because according to Google, each page on your website needs to have original content that doesn’t repeat).

      When you create these pages, think how your website visitor thinks – as though that is the first page they see when they visit your website.

      For example – a person who typed “ge washer repair” in Google, will end up visiting a page on your website called “GE Washer Repair” (and not your home page, as it is often done wrong with Adwords).

      So on that page you should show information that will be relevant to that visitor.

      1. First, start with a strong heading and subheading:

      – “GE Washer Repair”
      – “Repair of all models of General Electric washers in Boston area”

      2. Then you can write a paragraph about your company and your technicians. You can include a picture of your truck or your team (or you, if you work alone).

      3. Then show a list of cities you serve. You can show a map here.

      4. List common issues with GE Washers.

      5. Show several reviews of past jobs that you have done.

      6. Describe some of the benefits of working with you. For example, warranty on parts and free service calls with repair.

      7. Include a call to action – your phone number and contact form.

      Some of this information will have to be the same and shared between your pages. That’s the nature of any service area business. But, it will help your website visitors understand what you offer much better.

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